I photograph
people doing
what they love

Creating a trusting relationship with my clients is the most important step. It is crucial that you know that you can be yourself around me.
My process allows me to integrate myself into the activity. That way I become the participant of a coaching session, meditation group or festival (depending on the job)
I shoot silently as to not disturb the object. Common feedback of my clients is that they did not notice me taking images. This allows for everyone to act almost natural.
Ninja Photographer
Whats a Ninja Photographer?
The name was given to me by my clients.
A common reaction to my photography session is "I didn't feel like you were there". I create a space where the "shooting" becomes invisible and your craft is most important.

I'm calm and positive in nature. So that you can relax around me, be fully yourself, which will be visible in the photos.
The Moment Counts
Finding that moment where you are acting on instinct and passion is incredibly rewarding for me. Thanks to photography I can live out my curious mind and learn from my subjects more than they know. That is why most of my clients become longterm partners in my life.
I work exclusively on documenting other peoples processes.

I don't do studio or staged shootings.
Photographic Facilitation
Selected Work

Say Hi ! I'm a nice guy

instagram: @faltmast

tel: +49 171 6273205

email: hi.alexis@pm.me

where: Berlin based.